10 Questions to fashionista - Edmondo Pinto

10 Questions to Edmondo Pinto ( @eddypinto_ )

Interview & illustration by Seung Won Hong


1.can you tell me about yourself?
I am a brand ambassador and work with fashion brands

2.What does style mean to you?
for me the style suggests the character of a person and the way of thinking and being in daily life

3.How would you describe your style?
my style is street

4.What is your passion?
my passion is fashion and everything that surrounds it

5.Where do you draw inspirations from?
I take inspiration by observing people and especially I like to always give a look to the past

6.Who do you consider to be a style icon?
the one who gave me this passion and will one day become an icon , my friend Francis Costagliola

7.what is your favorite fashion brand and designer?
my favourite is @levis

8.What do you like to do with your free time?
I love being with friends

9.what is your favorite artists and works?
My favorite artist is one of the greatest singer Pino Daniele

10.Finally, who do you want to give recommendation to the next participant for this project?
FRANCESCO COSTAGLIOLA @francescocostagliola_

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